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Whatever theme you pick, we recommend using the Theme Check plugin available for free on WordPress. The more errors and warnings you see on the theme when you run that check, the worse the theme is. This plugin was developed by WP Core developers to validate their own default themes and is highly respected in the theme community. In general, we like WooThemes as a solid company with great products and support.

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Already picked Listify as my favorite, But wanted to ask for your opinion. I also want it to include Event and Classified info as well as customized fields and social profile links. Especially when it comes to mobile use, Lisner ensures an app-like experience with numerous features. You just described literally all WordPress directory themes listed above. This theme has an easy to configure parallax slider on the homepage that enables you to change the transition effects, the pace of sliding and so on. Of course, your directory site will feature a category page with several layout variations: List View, Grid View, and Map View.

You can check them out here Or StudioPress. For details on how to do it, our translation guide will help get you started. Yes it is.

Activate it on only the subsites on which you need a directory. The following people have contributed to this plugin. View support forum. Donate to this plugin. Skip to content WordPress. Core plugin Features All features documented on the main website. Installation Please see our detailed Installation Guide , the Getting Started Guide for common how-to scenarios, and our Initial Setup page for instructions on how to get going quickly with Business Directory Plugin. Can Business Directory Plugin support paid and free listings?

Do you have video tutorials for Business Directory Plugin? Will Business Directory Plugin work with my theme? Not only the plugin is amazing! They will always point you in the right direction, and you will always end up resolving the issue! The Business Directory Plugin was just what my website needed.

It does everything as promised and the support is incredible! I've been using this plugin for over a year and have it installed on three websites. I'm an experienced business directory operator, with over ten years behind me of running profitable directories. On the plus side, the plugin works well out of the box and the paid extensions all work as stated. The plugin is easy to work with and if you use a good quality template it'll look great. Used in conjunction with Yoast the SEO options for this plugin are a lot better than most directory extensions and plugins.

Now for the downside The payment options are limited at best and awful at worst. It's not that the various payment gateway plugins don't work - they do. The problem comes when you wish to bypass the completely inflexible way in which paid listings work.

It is a nightmare, which the plugin developer clearly knows about and chooses to ignore. Get ready for major coding if you want your payment options to fit into the 21st century. Any decent directory plugin will have an easy way to edit labels - not this one. The developer claims that editing the language files is the "easy" way to achieve this. That'd be fine if it actually worked ALL the time.

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It doesn't. I still have not idea where some labels come from. The out-of-the-box user experience for advertisers is horrible. It'll also prove to be very challenging for any newbie trying to make user login, registrations, ad edits, etc seem user-friendly. I'd be confident that many newbies walk away from this in sheer frustration over this rather inelegant aspect of the plugin.

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Support seems pretty good for the most part. Just don't expect them to get around to solving a heap of real-world problems, for serious operators, any time soon. It's clear that they just aren't up for it or aren't that interested. This is not an anti-BDP rant. Overall, it's a decent plugin and it does what the developers say it will do. It just falls quite a long way short when it comes to being a simple solution, out-of-the-box, for serious directory operators.

I have set-up this plugin for our local Chamber of Commerce including the PayPal module. The set-up was very well explained and relatively easy to do. The features of this plugin are extensive - I'm still finding new ones I hadn't seen at first glance. I had a Tech Support question that was answered promptly and clearly. If you need a business directory, I would recommend this one.

Verify the accuracy of your listings on Google and other sites for free.

Thanks for putting so much thought into creating this plugin! Kent Tubman. The best directory plugin that can be customized to suit your needs backed by an excellent support team. They go above and beyond. Thank you. Very swift response to an issue. Resolution was even swifter. Great communication too.

Contributors businessdirectoryplugin. Interested in development? Changelog Version 5. Include [link-raw] placeholder for listing expiration notices. Add setting for twitter field to enable follower count display. Allow listing owners editing listings with private fees. Fix expiration date after listing renewal payment. Remove non-used query var that could cause compatibility issues.

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Version 5. Set height tolerance for listing thumbnails. Hide required symbol and field description inside widgets Fix quick search integration with BD modules. Add compatibility with Cornerstone Page Builder Plugin. Style receipt printing in checkout pages. Validate field existence before calling method. Update Italian translations.

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Upgrade jQuery-File-Upload library version to 9. Fix access key login redirection.

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Fix renewals login authentication parameters. Update German translations. Restore BD thumbnail image size name.

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Yellow Pages makes searching for a business simple Start typing and our Use the location search to find a business that's close by. Alternatively it may use information associated with nearby WiFi points or IP addresses. Problems? Devices with GPS will provide much more accurate location results than those without. The Yellow Pages website is full of contact information that can be incredibly You will be taken to the first page of relevant search results. for each business, such as the postal code, description, categories or website. Step 5: Navigate to the profile page of each business and get the email address.

Improve phone number field value validation. Reword listing thumbnail size setting and include a description.

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Validate pagination query argument for front page usage.