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She has Paris Hilton’s number

When she got the new phone, her wireless company insisted she be assigned a new number with a area code rather than her prefix.

The practice stems from efforts by regulators earlier in the decade to conserve phone numbers to minimize the splitting of area codes. The Los Angeles Times reported finding Barlow when a reporter dialed a number that several sources said was Hilton's mobile line. Just after Barlow got her new phone, a flurry of calls and text messages came within days of Hilton's Feb. One weekend, Barlow said she answered a call and was lectured by an unidentified woman who got angry when asked if she was calling from Florida.

paris hilton phone number

You must be on drugs," the woman said before calling back five times to lecture Barlow on how "tacky" people were from the Sunshine State. Another time, she had a long conversation with an aspiring rap artist who, after learning he was not talking with Hilton, still invited Barlow to a party.

Hackers post Paris Hilton's address book online

Then came the day Hilton went to court for violating probation after pleading no contest to an alcohol-related reckless driving charge, and was sentenced to jail. Who stole your sunshine? Note that it's a different flippy from before — silver now instead of the darker slate. Arguably a new model flip phone, as the front display looks different. Perhaps one of the first sightings of a newfangled LCD display?

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Notice from here, the timeline shifts to AS Anno Sidekick, the year of our Sidekick, the beginning of an era, you get the picture, etc. Scientists still can't figure out why Paris would go back to flip phones a mere day after she was seen texting on her sidekick. Notice the subtle way the Sidekick coordinates with her dress and purse.

Paris Hilton: Victim of T-Mobile's Web Flaws? | PCWorld

This attention to detail is crucial to keep in mind when analyzing early-aughts fashions. But it looks like the sleek black flippy only lasted a few months, because here she is back to her Sidekick! Although it looks like the pink Blackberry wasn't enough for her, because here she is with a new, blinged-out Blackberry. Notice that one of them is a touchscreen. This marks a divisive shift in consumer technology and usage.

Paris Hilton’s Sidekick hacked

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Your Trick to Finding the Perfect Foundation. Getty Images. Using a flip phone at the Lloyd Klein fashion show, February Using the waistband of a Juicy tracksuit for a flip phone holster, April Smiling while on a flip phone at the Luca Luca fashion show, September Showing off the first of many bejeweled phones, March Using a non-bejeweled flip phone, September Dimensions: 3.

Weight: 2. I think I invented the first cell phone selfie.

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Dimensions: 5. Weight: 6.

Company's Web Site to Blame?

Battery Life: 4. I loved how it would flip over, and the crystals looked so pretty on it.

follow site The Sidekick was perfect for crystals. But the best part was that you could text with a keyboard, you could do pictures, and you had internet. So the Sidekick was beyond. Weight: 3.