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Oliver Wissenbach, 25, was found by a maintenance worker at the seafront property owned by artist Lindy Branson in Menorca. Oliver, from Coventry, is thought to have fallen ill while going for a swim and his lifeless body was found at 7. A British tourist has been found dead in the swimming pool of the luxury villa, after reportedly falling ill. The death is being investigated in Mahon, the Spanish island's capital, and police will report their findings to a court which will decide if any further action is necessary.

A source said: 'The police report has categorised this as an accidental death awaiting the result of an autopsy. Oliver Wissenbach, 25, was found by a maintenance worker in the seafront property's pool. Oliver, from Coventry, is thought to have fallen ill while going for a swim and was found with swimming goggles on. He is close to his siblings. It's luxurious and popular with millionaires.

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Lindy is close to her brother and they have posted several photos together in the past. The Foreign Office said it was supporting the family of a British man who had died in Menorca. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. He was wearing swimming goggles when he was discovered.

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Ebon, basque guy, get a life and go out more! You sound like a bunch of fascists! I'm also unique and I must be a descendent of homo sapiens,unless I'm related to a monkey, which I am of course. Maybe you are too, importa? Michael Byrne September 24, at Makes complete sense to me and fits with all the evidence, we have all genetic similarities, look at red hair and dark hair in ireland, which is mixed suggesting two post ice ages groups migrating to ireland. But I wouldn't use the term basques thats a more recent ethnic term.

England is a Germanic country linguistically and culturally to much extent but this is because of earlier groups not anglo-saxons etc. The Anglo-Saxons were eaily integrated as they spoke a similar language, similar culture. But you have to separate culture and language, England would have had what is termed a celtic culture but a germanic language, in effect it's its own country all of england adopted a germanic language - that's where old english comes from a native language of england. R1b groups are all related, yes different r1b sub groups came to britain but all are related.

I1 is native to europe too so is r1a. The Basques direct descendents still are a colony of the lost tribes of judea thats why they say the "celtic" people and to a lesser extent the english descend from the judeans watch the video "british dna". The etruscans pre indo european people just like the basques and the etruscan language also was an agglutinative language just like basque!! The original cromagnon man evolved into the basque man ask any honest scientist.

No language in the world is related to basque. The word "original" is of basque origin,pretty tellin right?. The Basques are the original europeans and the oldest european tribe and 1st white tribe around. Experts have claimed the basques are of a holy bloodline so more evidence.. Irish Man October 16, at Migrationism is the main method of colonization of an area eg USA. Please note I only used Ireland as an example as I know Ireland best. The Basque seem, from the descriptions, as the polynesians of the Atlantic.

Saying that all these peoples descend from the basques is not correct.

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Sir Ranulph Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes, 3rd Baronet OBE (born 7 March ) , commonly Relatives, Mark Fiennes (third cousin) . Fiennes continues to compete in UK-based endurance events and has seen recent . the BBC News world affairs editor, and Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, the round-the-world yachtsman. James Fiennes – second cousin of Arctic explorer Sir Ranulph – was having a Marlborough College-educated Mr Fiennes, whose family live near It's awful news – they are very private people and we only ever used to meet .. Prince Harry tells deflated England players to 'hold their heads high' after.

They don't descend from basques, rather, they share a common origin with them. When the ice sheets covered most of Europe, small groups of humans found refuge in in the southern part of the continent. It is believed that Spain and southern France was one of them. There, the endogamic practice of these few humans achieved genetic homogeneity originating the R1B haplogroup, which is commonly considered "celtic". However, this is a mistake. It's origin is prior to any notion of "celtic".

It is the main haplogroup found in basques, french, spaniards and britons. Moreover, there many evidences archeological as well as historical sources that confirm a strong celtic presence in Spain: tribe names, comments by classical authors greeks and romans and war registries such as the celtiberian wars. On the other hand, there are no mentions of "celtics" in britain from historical sources. No one ever called britons "celts", and we don't know if they ever considered themselves as such. There is only a comentary by Julius Caesar, who said that the language in the cost of britain facing towards the continent was similar with that of the belgians, but that the inhabitants of the inner parts of the island were natives and different.

And we don't even know if the belgians were celts.

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They were more likely germans of celticized germans. In sum: I strongly believe in a common origin of all the western europeans, specially on the Atlantic fringe, from Spain to Skandinavia.

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Almost all original wills proved before were destroyed in a fire in Dublin in Six months plus is ideal to make sure everything goes smoothly and that you are well prepared. I wouldn't do it again. The royal family was mortified when Major James Hewitt, a prominent polo player, spilled the beans about his long-running affair with Princess Diana. As biographer Tim Crook writes , the files show that his career in Section X of the Secret Intelligence Service as a translator and linguist ended in controversial circumstances, when he was investigated for fabricating his reports from the bugged telephone line at the Egyptian Embassy. According to an interview on Top Gear , Fiennes was considered for the role of James Bond during the casting process, making it to the final six contenders, but was rejected by Cubby Broccoli for having "hands too big and a face like a farmer", and Roger Moore was eventually chosen.

Those natives received through the centuries many immigrants from other parts of Europe, Asia and even Africa, changing their genetic makeup to some extent, and creating different variations. But the truth is that, if we put together in a room a few individuals coming from all parts of western europe, naked and with their mouth shut, anyone would have a very hard time figuring out who is who The term "Keltic", which is no clear matter given that its usage was less than consistent historically.

The term may have been drawn from a Keltic root word attached to several tribes of Continental Europe, in a region known to the Romans as Gaul, which encompassed parts of France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and the Po Valley. However, in the Gallic Wars, Julius Caesar refers? Ardent Seeker December 10, at It is a genetic, linguistic, historical, and archaeological fact that before the invasion of Western Europe by the Indo-European speaking Latins, Celts, and Germans, the non-Indo-European speaking Basques were widespread throughout prehistoric Western Europe, living in northern Spain, the Atlantic coastal plains of France right up to the Strait of Dover, and in Britain and Ireland.

The invading Indo-Europeans were to subsequently impose their language on the conquered Basques, until the only Basque speakers were confined to an area of northern Spain in the Pyrenees where they live to this day.

The Indo-Europeans originally lived as pastoralists in the steppes and prairies north of the Black and Caspian Seas in present day Ukraine and southern Russia, and they campaigned on horseback as mounted archers. The reason why the Latin vernacular survived in the Gaulish-French language, although it had formally belonged to the Celtic language family before the Roman conquest, despite the invasions by such Germanic groups as the Franks, Burgundians, Visigoths, and Ostrogoths in the 's A.

This explains why the Celtic language survived for so long in Wales and Cornwall. The Germanic invaders of Roman France were prepared to learn the Latin French vernacular, associated with the grandeur of the Roman Empire, but the Germanic invaders of Britain probably looked down upon the British Celtic language as a peasant language.

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The fall of the West Roman Empire can be partly attributed to the recurrent dynastic civil warfare which plagued it in the years from , , , , , , and A. The Huns, with their powerful recurve bow, proved to be quite effective cavalry archers, although they too used swords and lances in battle. Per December 11, at Where does the red hair from as many Irish have? Has the Irish potentially strong features from Neanderthals? Neanderthals had genes for red hair and no other people in the world have red hair than the Scots, Irish and people of Eastern Europe. Barats or Early "Brit-ons," Basque people whose long-lost history and origin are now recovered for us in great part in these pages by my new keys, are disclosed by a mass of??

One God"- David Icke. The original europeans n the holy people that gave rise to white people justice n pass it on. Sam Haskell January 4, at Viking Blood? The Vikings were not a people. There is no viking blood, no more than there is woodcutter blood or merchant blood or farmer blood. Well, people may argue back and forth about where R1b came from and when,and how much Saxon ancestry is or isn'tr in England, but the indisputable archaeological facts are that after the hunter-gatherers who have left too little material remains to really make comment on possible origin though a western seaboard route makes the most sense geographically the neolithic people who build the megaliths were a slight,gracile people with long 'Meditteranean' type skulls, whose culture stetched the length of the western Atlantic seaboard right up to the tip of Norway, with its main centres in Iberia, Brittany and the British Isles.

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There were several million people living in England at the time of the Saxon incursions--the idea they could annihilate so many is ludicrous,esp. Celtic languages did survive in several western areas of England outside of Cornwall till the Normans. Bob M January 5, at I see that Wikipedia seems to be able to find apparently knowledgeable people to write on both topics.

I wouldn't doubt that there will be some debate about the scope of the terms but "no agreement Basque villages were devastated by bombs,Franco's bombers pursued the? Basque children who were orphaned were adopted?