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Places of Employment. Students who major in criminology and criminal justice develop skills that are valued by employers. These skills include: research, analysis, writing, oral presentation, critical thinking, synthesis, and problem solving.

Students and alumni may find employment in business, government, nonprofits, social services, and educational institutions depending on their skills and experience. Judges are the moral force behind any justice system and have the difficult task of handing out life-changing decisions.

The most common careers reported by criminal justice majors

To do that, they must assess the evidence presented to them and hand out impartial judgements by following the rules of the law. Due to the rise of terrorist attacks and data breaches across the world, the need for technical-savvy law enforcement has also increased.


Our huge list provides a wide variety of jobs including criminal justice entry-level jobs and criminal justice government jobs. The list includes. Read descriptions and key information about 20 exciting criminal justice jobs This could involve claims of property damage, personal injury, or other types of.

Federal marshals are found in the US and are tasked with capturing fugitives, serving arrest warrants and transporting prisoners. They are not hired to solve crimes or responsible for telling whether a convict is guilty or not; their only duty is to capture them and transport them to jail. They are evidently among the highest-paid criminal justice professionals on the list as their jobs put them in constant high danger, due to dealing with some of the most dangerous criminals in the world. They collaborate with other law enforcement agencies from across the world, bringing a more extensive skill set to the table when needed.

Indeed, working for the criminal justice system is difficult and dangerous.

Do you want to be a crime fighter, too? Let us know which career fits you best in the comments section below. Currency conversions are based on rates supplied by XE. Criminal Justice Careers.

10 Criminal Justice Jobs & Salaries

The knowledge gained through your research may help you to target your applications and will help when preparing for interviews. Back to the top.

What Can You Do with a Criminal Justice Degree?

Competition for jobs in this sector is fierce and work experience could be the deciding factor to securing a graduate job. Undertaking work experience is invaluable in developing expertise and the all-important transferrable skills, which will help you demonstrate your motivation and commitment to this area of work. However finding experience will take time and effort; employers receive many CVs every week so you will have to work hard to stand out from the crowd.

The key to success is to prepare thoroughly, do your research and organise your experience in good time.

There are an increasing number of organisations supporting offenders both within and outside the judicial system and by getting involved you can gain valuable experience of working directly with offenders, victims or other client groups. An excellent resource for exploring your work experience options in the criminal justice sector is 'What can I do?

9 Criminal justice degree jobs you might not know about

Your guide to volunteering and achieving change in the criminal justice system' produced by the Prison Reform Trust. It can be difficult to gain work experience in intelligence and forensics but if you think broadly then you can gain transferable skills within other sectors through administration, project management, data analysis and project research.

To become a Police Officer, volunteering as a Special Constable will be advantageous as it will help you gain experience and the Certificate in Knowledge in Policing. Individual police forces advertise volunteering opportunities within their constabulary, such as as Victim Liaison Volunteers, Police Support Volunteers and even some administrative volunteer roles where volunteers can be trained on Police specialist IT systems. Generally police force volunteering opportunities are advertised on the area constabulary vacancies webpages, e.

Hampshire Constabulary. Look at job advertisements and the job profiles on Prospects, listed above, to help you identify your gaps and the kind of knowledge you need to develop.

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