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As a result, there have not been any substantive negotiations between HUCTW leaders and University officials about this change. Because the plan design details premium costs, copayments, coverage levels, etc. Although the Blue Cross Blue Shield provider network is actually larger than the Harvard Pilgrim network, there may be a small number of issues related to health care providers who are not included in the Blue Cross Blue Shield network, particularly in the area of mental health.

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If you choose Blue Cross Blue Shield as your insurer during Open Enrollment or if you are currently enrolled in a Harvard Pilgrim plan and make no elections during Open Enrollment , you will be issued a new Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance card for replacing your Harvard Pilgrim insurance card. All your questions regarding patient services and billing issues for medical care from January 1, onwards should be directed to Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA.

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Some ID cards display additional loops, such as HPHC Insurance Company or Health Harvard Pilgrim member ID numbers include the following prefixes. ID#, Your member number; used for all Member Services inquiries and for claims payment. Name, Your full name. Copay, This section of the card will indicate.

You will also receive a new Express Scripts prescription ID card replacing your old Express Scripts prescription ID card , which you can use for all prescriptions from January 1, going forward. This change does not apply to HUCTW members, but it was mentioned on the postcard and we have received a few questions about it.

The addition of new coverage choices and costs is a change that the University is required to negotiate with HUCTW about, and those talks took place earlier in the summer. After requesting relevant data, studying the impact of the proposal, carrying out additional research, and consulting extensively with the elected HUCTW Executive Board, HUCTW leaders rejected the proposed change for In large part, this is because, although some members would see their health care costs go down as a part of the change, the majority of members affected by the change would see their costs go up.

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Non-Medicare Eligible Retiree health plans

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Practices keeping close watch on risk adjustment coding. Meaningful Use. CMS overhauls meaningful use as 'Promoting Interoperability'.

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We will monitor the rights conferred to our PAICAP group and if we find that any patient identifiers are inadvertently included, we will reject your membership and ask you to rejoin our group without patient identifiers to minimize any risks to patient confidentiality. After you join, we will check your hospital data to make sure that we have the correct information and that patient identifiers have not been included.

We are minimizing the number of times we access hospital data through the PAICAP group in order to minimize any risks to confidentiality. Although there is no direct benefit to your hospital, we hope that the findings from this research will assist policymakers in making informed policy decisions in the future.

We will provide annual updates to participating hospitals on the progress of the study and preliminary results.

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Hospitals that are in the process of joining NHSN can still participate in the project if they meet the other eligibility criteria. We cannot enroll you until you have joined NHSN, but we can touch base with you around the time you think your enrollment will be completed to finalize participation in the PAICAP project.

However, if each of your hospitals has a unique ID number then you will have to confer rights for each facility separately. Grace Lee principal investigator and Melisa Rett project manager. Our restrictive policy will ensure that any data provided by hospitals will only be available to IRB-approved study staff and will only be used for the purposes of this study.

We recognize that the information handled by the NHSN system includes sensitive information about member facilities. First, we will manage and protect all system authentication related controls passwords, SAMS, etc.