I am a registered sex offender

Women Reveal What It's Like to Be in a Relationship With a Sex Offender and Why They Stay

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In all likelihood, the new person in your neighborhood wants the same things you do: a safe community filled with mutual respect. Why am I required to register if I was convicted before July 1, ? You can find more information about applying for exclusion here. The register obligations are additional to any other sentence or order requirements the registered person may have. What are some of the more serious possible consequences of identity theft? Is there a law against posting the photograph and offense of offenders that live in my jurisdiction in the restrooms of a local restaurant? I have been receiving SOR notifications for two years and in the past few weeks, I have not received any notifications.

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Justice. One Client at a Time.

He was instructed that he had to attend a hearing to assess his risk level as a sex offender. In other words, if you kidnap a minor, you are automatically deemed a sex offender, even if there is nothing sexual about it. These crimes are scary and horrible. People who commit real sex crimes should be punished and treated, both. But Equan is not one of those people. At the ensuing hearing, Michael Obus of the New York state supreme court expressed incredulity.

The judge noted that Yunus had no history of sexual misconduct and there was no indication that he had a propensity for it. There was a lot of embarrassment and shame.

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Even today I feel that burden. There are 48 listed restrictions , and they circumscribe his every move. As he read down the list he felt a chill pass through him: how could he possibly abide by all these edicts and not get sent back to prison? They want to know when you took your last breath. In addition to the 1,ft and yards rules, here is a selection of the fruitier conditions, all of which he is required to follow:. I will notify my parole officer when I establish a relationship with a consenting adult and then shall inform the party of my prior criminal history concerning sexual abuse.

I will not submit to any medical procedures meant to enhance my sexual functioning such as penile implants. Some of the entries are almost amusing, given his status as a non-sex offender sex offender.

But other restrictions deeply affect his daily life. Since leaving prison, he has been obliged to reside in a shelter for sex offenders in the Bronx. He asked to move to a rental apartment of his own that he carefully checked was beyond 1,ft of any school, but was turned down.

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He found that denial made little sense, given that right over the road from his residence is a shelter for homeless families in which scores of children are living. Other items impinged too. Number 30, his curfew, makes it difficult for him to attend evening classes or to take jobs with irregular hours; 39 prohibits him from computer use he is also deprived of a cellphone which makes studying impossible. Family ties are harmed too. Last year he had to cancel attending Thanksgiving dinner with his uncle, because his under cousins would be present.

When he requested special dispensation from a parole officer, he was told that he could go, but if any kids were present he would be instantly sent back to prison.

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Item 24 posed another hurdle when he established a relationship with his now fiancee Laetitia. Under the rules, the couple was obliged to attend a meeting with a parole officer so that Yunus could tell Laetitia in front of the official that he was a sex offender. It put a lot of strain on both of us. While he was in prison he taught himself law, with the help of his mentor, Derrick Hamilton, a legendary jailhouse lawyer.

Hamilton was convicted of murder on the back of corrupt New York police department detective Louis Scarcella, but won his own freedom after 21 years in prison by learning the law and proving his own innocence. Yunus has applied a similar determination to his own attempt to rid himself of the sex offender status. The next step for Yunus will be a hearing on 3 October in front of a federal district judge.

New York state is doggedly fighting the case.

The state set out its objections to Yunus coming off the registry in a page document in which it argued that it is entirely logical to label a non-sex offender as a sex offender where kidnapping of a child is involved. Yunus and his lawyers are determined to counter such thinking with their own logic.