How to find page id wordpress

All You Need to Know to Get Post ID in WordPress

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How to Get Page ID by Its Name in WordPress

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WordPress How To: Find Page ID

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This is the quickest way to find a Post ID. Next, you can hover to any of the posts and find a URL preview on the bottom left corner of the page.

How to Get Page ID and Post ID

There is also another way to view this Post ID from the Posts. You can click on the post title link or Edit to open a particular post to edit.

Reveal ID plugin is also a good alternative. This table also includes IDs for pages, media files, etc.

Finding a Page ID or a Post ID in WordPress

Moreover, if you have configured sitemaps for the site, you can use Post IDs to hide certain pages. This is helpful to hide unwanted pages that you do not want to index in the sitemap as well as search engines.

How to Find a Page ID in WordPress

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