How do you find a missing person

How to Report a Missing Person

Ask each individual if they know where your subject is. Gather and record any relevant information. Check local hospitals and clinics. Contact all of the hospitals and clinics in the local area and provide identifying information. Check local prison and jails. It is possible that your subject was arrested and is currently in prison or jail.

Organisations that help find missing people

Contact the prisons and jails in your area to see if they are currently incarcerated. Contact your local police department to see if the person is currently being detained. Check social media activity. If the individual uses social media, do a thorough review of every one of their social media accounts. Check their activity feed, photos posted, friends list everything.

Review the feeds of every connection, check for comments, photos, etc. Drive your local area. If you have some reason to believe that the person you are searching for may still be in your local area, start canvasing the area. Get help from friends and family members, volunteers and even the local police department. Start driving around the local area, ask questions, post signs, look for clues. Gather and consolidate all of the information that is uncovered in the effort.

Get the media involved. The media can help create awareness across a wider geographic area in a shorter period of time. Contact local TV stations, share details, photos and clues.

Check financial transactions. The time and location of the financial transactions will help build a timeline of activity. If the person has been missing for a longer period of time, different methods need to be used. A private investigator can help in the following ways. Private investigators use a wide variety of skills, techniques, software and equipment to search for an find missing people. Search Phone Records. Look up all people with the same initial and last name, city and state.

Getting the local media to make a public announcement may allow for the missing person to see the notice and decide to return home. This publicity can also lead police and others to devote more resources to solving the case. Keep in mind though that the media is not guaranteed and not likely to cover your story. You should immediately call your local police. Provide them with a detailed physical description including what clothing he or she was wearing and where and when he was last seen. Federal law prohibits police from imposing a waiting period before accepting a missing child. Federal and state governments, law enforcement and organizations provide special resources and services to help search for missing children or teens.

CMEC will provide technical and case management assistance to help ensure all available search and recover methods are used. All of the tips and suggestions provided for locating a missing person can apply to a person of any age so we recommend using those strategies as well.

Center for Missing and Exploited Children www.

Faces of the Lost www. National Runaway Safeline www. Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display Skip to content. Share NAMI. Finding a Missing Loved One The thought of a family member, a friend or someone else you care about going missing can be terrifying.

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If a person is missing and carrying a cellphone, it may be possible to locate him using phone company data or app location data. If someone is missing and you have a phone number, but there's no response to calls or texts, it may be possible to locate a missing person by cellphone. You can use the Internet to find a lost relative, an old girlfriend, or a former colleague. But a finding a truly missing person takes help from law.

In these cases, your search will take more time while you contact everyone you think may have a piece of the puzzle-a relative, former neighbor, clergy, lawyer or caseworker. Once you have a name, you can use these easily accessible sources:. Basic web searches may guide you to the missing person's address and telephone number.

What is a missing person?

The top 4 search engines by usage are Google , Yahoo , Bing , and Ask. By using different search engines, you can obtain different results, since each engine has different data sets and ways of returning results. When performing searches, remember to put your search phrase in quotation marks eg. When it comes to finding people, a very useful and less well known search engine is Zabasearch. This web site searches for and lists different types of information for United States citizens, including addresses both current and past , phone numbers, birth years, and more.

While the privacy concerns surrounding Zabasearch are controversial, at the end of the day, it really works.

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Another particularly resourceful search engine specifically for people searching is Switchboard. These days, most people under the age of 30 have some sort of profile on a social network. Don't forget older social media channels liek MySpace , as old, abandoned profiles may still be useful. If you'd like to try searches at a number of social networking sites, the Wikipedia maintains this list of social networking Web sites. Other sites may aid in your search.

This site lets you search multiple people-search resources in one spot. World Wide Internet Directory - a directory listing people search services worldwide. The Federal Parent Locator Service is the section of the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement's web site lists information, systems and agencies available to those looking to locate pariticpants in child support cases. The U. GenWeb project - A volunteer effort that offers advice on how to find basic genealogical data, such as local churches, cemeteries, and court, land and property records.

Each state has its own Web page that lists phone numbers of local archives, genealogical societies and libraries. National Archives - Posts details on its records and how to access them. I am trying to locate my former high school sweetheart, John Hinto, of Burbank, California. We met at the end of our sophomore year at a local high school and dated for a year-and-a-half. Our parents felt it was not in our best interests to continue seeing each other because of our religious differences: I am Catholic and John is Jewish. Upon graduation in , I married another man and John went on to college.

At our twentieth high school reunion in , I heard that he had married a Catholic girl, divorced, lived in Santa Rosa, and was a police officer. John's dad passed away and his mother remarried and moved to Ohio. After John divorced he also moved to Ohio and became a stockbroker. John had a younger brother named of Tom; his father's name was Ralph. I remember his mom's name. His father had a deli business and was an investor in mutual funds.

John has a cousin, Terry Miles maiden name , who also graduated from our high school. Through the years, I have often thought of John and many times wondered how differently our lives might have turned out had we been left to make our own decisions. I would like to talk with him and see how he's doing.

As you may have gathered, I am now single. We immediately searched on our in-house computer system for John Hinto. We learned that there were approximately 70 possibilities based on this name. His graduation date of was the primary clue we used to track down Mr.