Free software to record vinyl records

How to Digitize Your Vinyl Records

For the digitalization process to run smooth, some basic equipment is necessary. Besides a record player and a PC equipped with the appropriate software, a phono pre-amplifier is needed. Magix Audio Cleaning Lab includes the software required and a pre-amplifier. The package contains everything you need to quickly and easily digitalize your records.

Check out more impressive features:.

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Go to the official website of Magix Audio Cleaning Lab and get your package now to start digitalizing your records. You will get a day trial for free.

Before you open Audacity, there are a couple of system settings that need to be edited:

VinylStudio is a program dedicated to converting your records and tapes to digital format. This software is much easier to use than a conventional audio editor , and it is able to transfer your albums to your computer effortlessly. This is a handy software solution that will make it easy for anyone to transcode the vinyl recordings into MP3 digital format files that you can burn on a CD. When it comes to personalizing your songs before you save them to the CD, this program will give you the possibility to choose the output location, track number, album, artist and title from the dedicated location.

This program will turn out to be a great choice for digitalizing your music. Check out the best features that come with this software:. Head to the official website and get Spin It Again from here.

What do you need?

The USB 1. Always choose an ADC that includes a DAC in the same unit , such as shown above or below, rather than adding a stand-alone ADC to an existing digital playback system and using a stand-alone DAC for audio monitoring during recording or "live" LP playback. The solution that offers the most choice, and probably the most bang for the buck, is to buy a conventional turntable perhaps secondhand and follow the steps above. E-mail This Review. If you already have a turntable, the best option is to buy a decent USB phono stage. Can I do it for free?

You will also be able to check the extended set of features that this program comes with. These are five of the best tools that will help you convert your vinyl collection to CDs. Head over to their official websites to check out the complete set of features that are packed in every software. After analyzing them, pick the best program that suits your musical needs.

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Check out the most impressive features that are included in Golden Records Vinyl to CD Converter: The program provides a lot of flexibility for accommodating the widely varying sound quality of LP records. You even get an option to record 33 rpm disks at 45 rpm and 45s at 78 rpm. The primary interface of the software is simple and efficient, and it includes a list view of converted files. Recording Sessions are managed by another dialog that resembles a media player interface.

Check out more impressive features: After you launch the audio software, you can start digitizing your records. You just have to start the record mode, and the program will automatically record the music.

Looking for audio recording software relevant to vinyl LPs

After the recording has been completed, you can start to edit the music tracks. Magix Audio Cleaning Lab also offers a few functions for improving the quality of your audio material. Th DeClicker lets you remove clicking, and you can manually adjust the filtering level. The DeNoiser removes other types of noise. With some older recordings, or even more obscure artists, it is quite common that a recording may never have been re-released.

Alternatively, you might just prefer how a record was mastered compared to the digital release; many record labels and engineers master to each format, and in some cases, the vinyl master receives more gentle compression, which can result in a less squashed, dynamic sounding recording. There are, of course, plenty of further reasons.

The hardware

There is something about a vinyl played on a high-quality record player that even some of Golden Records Vinyl to CD Converter is an excellent tool for digitalizing your vinyl collection. You will get a day trial for free. Want to preserve your vinyl records with a digital copy? Here's how to Audacity is free, open source audio recording and editing software.

It could be that you prefer the aesthetic of how vinyl sounds. On the hardware side, you will need a turntable obviously , a phono stage, and an analog-to-digital converter ADC. You could, of course, purchase a turntable with a built-in USB output that will essentially combine all three items in one, but buying individual components will often produce better results, and it allows you to upgrade each hardware component at a later date. In other words, the better your kit, the better your records will sound. As a complimentary phono stage option, the Rega Fono Mini A2D will get you up and running at a relatively low cost; this unit even has built-in ADC with USB output for those looking to streamline the setup process.

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This option is by far the simplest way to get set up, and there are now numerous options on the market. Thanks to an explosion in home recording over the last 20 years, the cost of great sounding USB audio interfaces on the market is now relatively cheap. We refer to both as professional line level and consumer line level respectively. The connectors are also different. But you might want to consider this when choosing an appropriate audio interface for the best results.

An audio interface like the Apogee Duet will accommodate both pro and consumer line level signals by selecting the correct analog level in their Apogee Maestro application. The Duet is also famed for the quality of its analog-to-digital converters, making this a great option if you already own a great sounding phono preamp and want the ability to capture high-quality digital recordings of your existing setup.

How to use Audacity to Record Vinyl Records with BEHRINGER UFO202

There are many recording packages available, and some audio interfaces come bundled with their own recording software. Alternatively, there are a couple of options that specialize in vinyl ripping, such as VinylStudio or PureVinyl. Your mileage may vary. A typical software recommendation is Audacity. Whichever recording package you choose, the process is always somewhat similar. In the audio setup, set the playback and recording device to reflect your hardware. In other words, you should be able to select your purchased ADC or audio interface from the drop-down menus.

Name your project and choose your sample rate and bit depth this will determine the resolution of your master audio files. On the track, press the small circular record button to engage recording on your new track. Bring the recording level down until you get a nice strong signal, without any clipping. When your levels are set, use the main record, stop and play controls at the bottom of the screen to start recording much like a traditional tape recorder.